Our Mission

The Open Axiom Initiative aims to accomplish two goals:

1. Give businesses, hospitals, schools and cities the tools needed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as well as help strategize the recovery.

2. Work closely with stakeholders to not only deploy but also educate their teams on new technologies — innovating and refining solutions through these relationships.

Our Story

The Open Axiom Initiative is created by AreaProbe and Basil Labs. The Initiative is designed to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help businesses, schools, hospitals, cities and other stakeholders navigating the new COVID landscape — both in terms of complying with new and soon-to-come safety regulations and building trust with their visitors, tourists, residents, patients and consumers. 

The name Open Axiom has two parts. 

"Axiom" refers to team's first goal — we strive to bring together a 360° set of solutions that serves as the baseline for stakeholders to build off of. We need effective COVID preventative technologies to serve as a solid bedrock, otherwise we are building trust and recovery ontop of shaky foundations.

"Open" refers to how our team structures relationships with our clients. There will be thousands of technologies meant to address the problems COVID poses. Unfortunately, even from recent conversations with stakeholders managing city districts, businesses, hospitals and other locations, many of their vendors which they subscribe to have not engaged them during COVID.

We are the "Open" Axiom Initiative because we always structure our relationships in ways that maximize discussion and learning on all sides. We want to learn from you and we want you to learn from us. Regular conversations and trainings ensures your team fully understands the implementation of the technologies we provide as well as provides our team with the opportunity to hear about the challenges you face.

This open dialogue is how we innovate together.

Innovate Together

Let's work together to make our communities thrive again.