GoSafely helps students and administrators at colleges and customers and managers at retail locations stay COVID-safe through three simple questions.


Pinpoint where individuals are not keeping COVID-safe.

Easy Access

Quick and easy access for customers, students and visitors via URL and QR code.

Real-Time Results

Real-time admin dashboard visualizing submissions.

Keep Your Community COVID-Safe

Everyone wants to stay safe. Sometimes that's hard when others don't follow COVID safety guidelines. GoSafely lets users anonymously submit areas where people are not wearing masks or social distancing. Administrators can map submissions real-time in order to manage repeated or emerging situations.

Quick and Easy Implementation

All it takes is a QR code and a URL. Users can open the camera app on their smartphone and click and focus on the QR code. They are directed to a three question multiple choice survey. Once they click submit, results are instantly visualized on the admin dashboard.

Fostering Transparency and Trust

It takes leadership from everyone in a community for that community to truly thrive. GoSafely empowers stakeholders at all levels to engage and check in, creating a line of communication between student and administration or customer and business.

Innovate Together

Let's work together to make our communities thrive again.