Ella helps administrators & researchers holistically gather realtime, open-ended voice input feedback from customers, students, patients and visitors, synthesizing responses into quantified metrics.

Quick Survey Access

Accessible by users via QR code or URL.

Rich Voice Input

Quick voice note responses that yield nuanced insights

Straightforward, quantified results

Real-time admin dashboard quantifying responses.

Quick, Easy, Scalable

Ella lets users scan QR codes, visit a link, click record and submit — its voice input engine means that those who have difficulty typing can just as easily submit feedback. There's no need to limit yourself to one generic survey anymore ⁠— set up as many open-ended questions as you need and place question-specific QR codes across your venue or development.

Open-Ended, Multilingual Responses

The best feedback almost always happens during a conversation. To encourage high response rates and open-ended feedback, Ella fosters conversation by prompting users to respond in over 120+ languages.

Rapid Analytics

Leveraging AI, we transform all responses into straightforward dashboards that visualize topics, sentiments and key takeaways. Our text processing AI means that all those hours and researchers needed to analyze open-responses are no more.

Innovate Together

Let's work together to make our communities thrive again.