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The Open Axiom Initiative is your organization's toolkit to create COVID-safe locations that your visitors, customers and residentstrustand enjoy.

Reduce COVID Risk

360° solutions to mitigate the risk of COVID transmission at your locations.

Easy To Use Solutions

Easy-to-use technologyies to monitor safety, consumer experience and performance at all your locations.

Foster Trust

Outpace competitors and deploy safety-driven solutions to gain the trust of your visitors and consumers.

Solutions To Combat COVID-19 Today


With the push of a button and cutting-edge UV-C light technology, ZenZoe autonomously navigates your location, killing/deactivating COVID and other pathogens with up to 99.99% efficiency.

COVID-19 Thermal Screening

BIPA-compliant, contactless screening for elevated temperatures in your lobby, workplace, hospital or school — all without slowing the foot traffic flow of your space.


Koda is a friendly bot that frees up your staff by dispensing hand sanitizer while keeping track of what's important — a live count of all persons inside your location while sending alerts if someone isn't wearing a mask.


Empower your community to share instances of unsafe conditions while demonstrating your willingness to combat COVID together. The community accesses GoSafely via QR code & urls and sees a heatmap of instances in the last 7 days — you see a point by point dashboard/map of exactly where and what happened across your locations.

COVID Testing Site Locator

Find the nearest COVID-19 testing center to you. One of the most comprehensive databases in the United States. Testing centers across Pakistan and India are also listed.

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Solutions For Monitoring the Recovery


Monitor footfall along key corridors of your city to track and quantify changes to pedestrian mobility as COVID-19 progresses into the fall.


Concise, geo-located insights to optimize consumer experience across your locations through a deep understanding of what your consumers and visitors value and where else they go.


Set up QR codes and send out URLs to let people easily access quick voice input surveys. Monitor public safety and community concerns live via community input in over 120+ languages and analyze the AI-synthesized results of your open-ended questions.

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Let's work together to make our communities thrive again.